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Cedar Park Dojo is an academy of traditional martial arts. We have classes in English and classes in Spanish. 


Whether you want to learn self-defense techniques, improve your health and wellness, or simply acquire a fun new hobby, we have a class that is right for you. Scroll down to learn more about all the options we offer.

Ofrecemos clases de kárate en español para niños y adultes.

Please review our Terms of Service before proceeding.


Here at Cedar Park Dojo, we are focused on transmitting the classical martial arts of Japan and Okinawa. Our teachers have dedicated themselves to their respective arts.


We sincerely hope you will join us in studying and preserving these ancient traditions.




Ninjutsu is a comprehensive martial system based on the use of subtlety and dexterity. Students in the ninjutsu class are instructed in a variety of disciplines - including long weapons, short weapons, striking, grappling, acrobatics, and more - all unified by the principle of ki-ken-tai-ichi ("spirit, weapon, and body as one"). To learn more about the art, click here.

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Iaijutsu is the art of drawing and cutting with the Japanese katana. It was first codified into its own art form by Hayashizaki Jinsuke, a samurai born in the 16th century. Students in the iaijutsu class are instructed in the style Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu, a descendant of Hayashizaki's original style of iaijutsu. To learn more about the art, click here.


El karate es el arte marcial tradicional de Okinawa. Es una mezcla de técnicas nativas y chinas. Los estudiantes aprenderán técnicas de defensa personal y aprenderán a competir en torneos. Clases para niños y adultos.


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Cedar Park Dojo is here to provide high quality training at affordable prices. For more information on classes and prices, please fill out the contact form.


Nosotros tenemos clases de kárate en español para niños y adultes! Enviar un mensaje a Moises Quintero Sensei (clic aquí) para más información.


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