Cedar Park Dojo is a multi-disciplinary martial arts academy. Whether you want to learn martial arts for self-defense, health and wellness, or simply as a hobby, we have a class that is right for you.

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Nosotros tenemos clases de kárate en español para los ninos! Enviar un mensaje a Moises Quintero Sensei (clic aquí) para más información.

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Martial Arts Practice



Ofrecemos clases de kárate en español para niños y adolescentes. Sus hijos harán un gran ejercicio, se divertirán mucho y aprenderán disciplina y respeto.

Enviar un mensaje a Moises Quintero Sensei (clic aquí) para más información.

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Ninjutsu, which means "art of endurance", is the collection of skills and techniques passed down by Japan's historical shinobi-no-mono (aka ninja).


Karate, which means "empty hand", is the traditional martial art of Okinawa. There are two styles of karate offered at Cedar Park Dojo: Shorin Ryu and Shito Ryu.


Iaijutsu, which means "art of joining", is the Japanese art of sword drawing.


Learn the basics of self-defense, something we consider absolutely critical for everyone. (Class page under construction)

Karate Practice by the Waters

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Karate by the Sea

Video Clips

In this section you will find various YouTube videos on a number of topics related to martial arts in general and also related to the specific martial arts that are taught here at Cedar Park Dojo.


We are linking to these videos for their informational value. However, full credit for these videos goes to their respective creators.