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Ninjutsu is the collection of skills and techniques passed down by the shinobi no mono, also known as ninja.

Ninja were often required to act alone or in small groups. Because of this, their martial training had to be both broad and deep.

Ninjutsu training includes conditioning, acrobatics, grappling, striking, and weapons.

Here at Cedar Park Dojo, we use a variety of training methods to pursue our study of ninjutsu, including kata (forms), waza (techniques), and gekiken (weapon sparring)

Cedar Park Dojo is one of the only places in the world where students of ninjutsu can test their weapon skills in full-contact weapon sparring, known as gekiken.

Our grandmaster is Hatsumi Masaaki of Noda, Japan.

Hatsumi sensei spread his art around the world through the Bujinkan organization. We are eternally grateful that he opened his art to the world.


Samuel Zavaletta is the head of the ninjutsu training group at Cedar Park Dojo. He has over 20 years of martial arts experience, including Japanese, Chinese, and Western arts.

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