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1. Cleanliness

All persons who enter the dojo must be wearing clean attire.

2. Follow Instructions

All persons who enter the dojo must follow their teacher's instructions.

3. Proper Conduct

All persons who enter the dojo must treat each other with respect.

4. Fees

All persons who participate in classes or activities will be informed of any applicable fees by their respective instructor. Fees must be paid at the time and in the manner stipulated by that instructor.

5. Equipment

Anyone who breaks or damages any element of the dojo, including but not limited to equipment, may be held responsible to replace that equipment.

6. Digital Property

This website and its contents are digital property of Cedar Park Dojo, LLC. You may not retain, transmit, or otherwise disseminate any of the content on this website, whether for personal or business purposes.

7. Third-Party Content

Full credit for any third-party content on this website goes to the respective owners of such content. We neither accept any responsibility nor take any credit for third-party content.

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